Wise Advice Story

With the Financial Advice Industry experiencing significant change and challenges in 2001, five advisers pursued a plan to join forces and take on the challenge of a lifetime. These five unique founding advisers include Craig Sinclair, Robert Smith, Garry Donnelly, Edward Burrell, John Martin and the late Lance Munday. Our PDM was Ray Miller.

The talent and experience between these five, created a dynamic team of advisers and has been vital to the ongoing success and continual growth of Wise Advice throughout the years.

In 2002, not long after the inception of the business, the five original founders made the big move to acquire the practice of Mr Les Welch in Western Sydney as a co share and from there acquisition we continued to evolve.

As some members retired Wise Advice welcomed new and fresh faces and ideas to the company. Wise Advice’s natural succession stream within the business welcomed Paul Wayling to the group in 2004, and Ian Spedding, CFP in 2010.

The growth did not stop here.

In 2012 we acquired the enterprise of Peter G Clarke Pty Ltd which was established in 1980. The acquisition of this thirty-two-year-old firm allowed Wise Advice to grow and develop yet again. This acquisition welcomed two new valuable team members.


From the inception of Wise Advice our mission has been to guarantee our clients access to specialist advisers. We ensure that our clients’ needs are constantly of upmost importance, thus we consistently work hard to meet these needs no matter what it takes. We strive to achieve a more collaborative and personalised service, which we believe in turn allows us to better understand each individual situation, and deliver the best possible results.

One of our core values is to develop our professional knowledge and investment in the team. Thus, we ensure that all members of our team participate in continuing education to stay ahead of the game. We believe this sets us aside from competitors.